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The Horizontal automatic balers

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  • banding the pallet and packaging items into one, play a role.
  • binding speed, good effect, high strength. The whole process of automatic detection, without human help. Apply to the production line.
  • Power:380V/50Hz 1000W/5A
  • Packaging speed: less than 40 sec /
  • Working bench height: may according to need to set
  • Basic frames: may according to need to set
  • Packing form: 1 - channel, mode of travel switch to control the
  • switch, ball
  • Band dimension: thick (0.55 ~ 1.2) mm* wide (12 ~ 15) mm
  • Electrical configuration: Panasonic PLC control, France Schneider electric and Panasonic photoelectric switch, Taiwan AIRTAC starting system;
  • The
  • Air pressure: 4 to 6Kg/cm2
  • Operating mode: when the tray to the first hit position, horizontal frame down against the first travel switch, core position close to the object, when the object ball switch movement on the panel when hit, after a reset, movement and then decline, hit the second stroke switch, with the first played with the same second, after two or more after the frame to restore the original state, the object output. Suitable for wrapping large objects.
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